Please check the descriptions on each yarn to see more details on the exact yarn weight.

  • Recommended needle size for Chunky yarns with 100m per 100g: 6.0mm - 8.0mm

  • Recommended needle size for Super Chunky yarns with 70m - 40m per 100g: 8.0mm - 10mm

  • Recommended needle size for Gorilla: 15mm - 20mm

Andean Handspun Yarn Project.

Our Chunky handspun yarns were commissioned in conjunction with our mill in order to support a hand spinning project in the highland communities in Puno. Combining the women's spinning skills with modern yarn designs has created these beautiful hand spun yarns which are not only wonderful to dye and knit with but also provide these small highland communities with more trade, enabling them to maintain their way of life as it has been for generations.  

By supporting this program we are helping to keep their skills alive and also the mountain villages themselves, where sheep and alpaca have been farmed for centuries, keeping families together by giving them the opportunity to earn money without having to move away from rural areas.  You can see pics and read more here.